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Tailored systems for more IT security and efficiency

Our Company
In an age where IT processes are becoming increasingly complex and the risk of cyber crime is growing significantly, eCom is a partner you can trust.
Working closely together with you and your specialists, eCom AG develops high-performance, future-oriented solutions to support your business processes, maintain your competitiveness in the long term and ensure maximum investment protection.
We provide top-quality services from support through project implementation and continuous service.
Always keeping up-to-date with the latest developments, the eCom team finds innovative systems to perfectly meet your requirements, tailoring standard products to fit in with your company structure where necessary.
As a result, eCom AG not only protects the IT infrastructure of its customers but also intelligently optimises processes and creates long-term added value.
No matter whether you are responsible for a medium-sized business or are overseeing the IT future of a large, international corporation: make the most of our know-how. Let us discuss your challenges.

Company history

2016 Introduction of m2trust “next generation” (NG) product strategy
Start of development of m2trust NG.
2015 Takeover of m2trust security solution by eCom Service AG.
Expansion of industry focus to include energy providers (smart energy) and M2M communication.
2014 Introduction of ISO 9001 and 27001 certification for software development and operational management (Infolink GmbH)
2013 Our long-term software development partner “Infolink Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologie m.b.H” becomes part of eCom Service AG.
2007 Acquisition of shares of founding member OPTICA Abrechnungszentrum Dr. Güldener GmbH
2003 ims Deutschland and eCom Service AG sign a cooperation agreement to create secure analysis software for the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry.
2001 Introduction of the eCom Smartcard for secure communication amongst the DGN network of physicians.
2000 Start of development of eCom e-health security software
2000 The German Health Network (DGN) and eCom Service AG conclude a cooperation agreement for the development and optimisation of security solutions for healthcare professions.
1999 eCom Service AG joins IBM as a cooperation partner to pool mutual solutions and strategies for the healthcare industry.
1999 Takeover of ID Net Internet Services Deutschland GmbH.
– Acquisition of shares of founding member Syntegra GmbH.
1998 Founding of eCom Service AG with the aim of creating a secure communication platform in the healthcare sector and developing this into a B2B trading platform.
Founding members:
– ID Net Internet Services Deutschland GmbH
– Syntegra GmbH
– OPTICA Abrechnungszentrum Dr. Güldener GmbH

Mission statement
eCom Service AG is a specialist IT security provider based in Stuttgart. With high-performance products and individual solutions we are committed to providing more productivity and security for our customers.

Experts at eCom Service AG work on current security technology and cryptographic encoding processes with excellent understanding. The know-how of transparency and lateral thinking allows us to explore new avenues in the area of IT security and develop creative solutions for our customers and the market.

eCom Service AG looks back on 15 years of experience in IT security projects. Our strengths lie in our technological expertise paired with extensive solution competency.

Customers have been trusting the high-performance solutions and products of eCom Service AG for many years.
Accepting responsibility means taking important decisions and showing own initiative.
We are therefore responsible for allowing our personal integrity, ethics and morals to influence all of the decisions we take.

Our customers’ trust is our main priority which is why protecting the data and infrastructures entrusted to us is our daily objective.